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Return Policy

Conditions of Warranty:

  1. Please ensure the product you purchase is correct - By using this online store we accept that you have an adequate understanding of the product/s that you selected for purchase. Do ensure that the product/s you order is what you require as no credits will be passed after confirmation and shipment of your order.
  2. In event of faulty products take note that no credits will be passed for products not returned in original packaging.
  3. Main boards, Hard Disks that have been physically damaged and CPU's that have overheated due to incorrect use of fan will not be exchanged under warranty. Please consult our technical dept if unsure of correct fan to use.
  4. AMD and Intel Processors are covered under a manufacturers warranty, items which are Physically Damaged have no warranty - No exceptions can be made.
  5. All units including Printers , Monitors , Modems , Motherboards, UPS's, CDRom's and DVDís will not be swapped out Immediately.
  6. Printers , Monitors , Modems , Motherboards, UPS's, CDRom's and DVDís will be exchanged with a swap out unit.
  7. Any items damaged due to Power surges, "Brown outs"/ Lighting will be not be exchanged under Warranty.
  8. Computer Systems and notebooks must be paid in full before assembly or shipment will commence.
  9. All Prices quoted are for electronic transfer, Cash Notes or Bank Cheques Only. We do not accept Personal Cheques unless approved by management.
  10. All software, media, consumables and cartridges have no warranty unless where it is explicitly stated that the specific product carries a warranty.
  11. Prices are subject to change due to rate of exchange.
  12. All logo's and brand names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are acknowledged as such.

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